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January 26, 2020 at 11:44 AM

Delta Dental Bus Coming to Meade School District

The Delta Dental Mobile Program provides oral health services to children in need. The program includes two buses that serve as mobile clinics to provide preventive, diagnostic & restorative care to kids across the state who do not have a regular dentist.  Services are focused on preventive care through education, cleanings, sealants, & fluoride treatments. Delta Dental manages, operates & staffs the mobile trucks, & works with local community site partners to identify children most in need of care who can least afford it. 


The Dental Bus will be onsite at Piedmont Valley Elementary from February 10th-14th. Stagebarn Middle School students can be seen during this time, if they are transported to Piedmont Valley Elementary.  Stagebarn Middle School parents can sign a permission form so that their student can be driven by a staff member/volunteer OR parents can transport during or after school. The dental bus will also provide services after school.  * SERVICES are No Cost to Families*


Paperwork will go home with the Piedmont Valley Elementary students in January. Paperwork will be available on the Daily Announcements for Stagebarn Middle School students in January.


Piedmont Valley Elementary: The initial “Give Your Child A Healthy Smile” (gold) form is to be completed and returned as soon as possible. Then, the “Delta Dental Mobile Program Patient Information” (green) form will be sent home.  This form is to be returned to Piedmont Valley Elementary BY FEBRUARY 5, 2020 for your child to receive services.

Stagebarn Middle School:  Middle school students will only need to complete the “Delta Dental Mobile Program Patient Information” form. This form is also due by February 5, 2020.

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