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May 05, 2020 at 9:21 AM

School Officials 2020 Graduation Proposal

Hello all,


Here is the one option to have graduation for the Class of 2020.


As for the date and time of the graduation, the original plan was to have it on Sunday, May 17, 2020, at 2:00 PM.


Students will spend the vast majority of the ceremony in their vehicles with their families. Each graduate will sit in a vehicle with their family. We ask that students are not the driver of the vehicle and that a parent drives the vehicle the graduate is sitting in. The graduate will be assigned to a location that will be in alphabetical order. This way, when graduates are called on stage, they are in order like usual. The parking of the vehicles could happen in two different ways. Because each graduate will be able to have two vehicles in the graduation, we could either park the two vehicles right beside each other, and that would take the whole parking lot. Or one vehicle could be with the graduate, and the other vehicle would be in a different location. Either of these could work.


When it comes to walking across the stage. The graduate’s vehicle will be motioned to move to the front, near the stage. The graduate will exit their vehicle, as their name is called to walk across the stage, and receive their graduation folder (the diploma can be in the folder, we have done it either way in the past).  School official(s) wearing a mask will greet the graduate on stage for a picture. Students leave the stage, pick up a flower for someone special like in years past. The stage area will be raised so everyone can see the graduate walk across the stage. The stage will be located in front of the west gym area.


After the ceremony, a parade will go through the city of Sturgis, which will be led by Sturgis emergency officials. (Police department and more). If a graduate doesn’t want to be a part of the parade, we ask them to inform us, so we know who is skipping the parade. The parade will be somewhat like the parade that was held in April for the Elementary and Middle School teachers.


The ceremony proceedings will be conducted following the safety guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the South Dakota Department of Health, and the City of Sturgis. Along with social distancing and physical spacing, school leaders, and volunteers will be provided with masks that will be worn during the ceremony.


Given the uncertainty on an opportunity to conduct a live event, even later in the summer, as we face the projected peak impact of COVID-19 in South Dakota in June, the school leaders determined the best option to recognize the graduating class of 2020 would be a ceremony on May 17. The decision also recognizes the importance of providing graduates an opportunity to participate in the ceremony with their peers. A rescheduled event in late June, July, or even August would prevent some graduates from participating in the ceremony due to other obligations, enlistments in the military, and related scheduling conflicts.


We do not know what June or July will look like; we believe we can provide an opportunity for the communities of the Meade School District to celebrate our graduates sooner than later.


No matter how graduation is celebrated, the following items have been worked on by the committee and are ready for graduation.

•    The school will hire a photographer to take pictures of the graduate as they cross the stage. We ask that parents don’t leave their vehicle or location to take a picture by the stage.

•    We have been in conversation with KBHB about broadcasting the graduation over the radio.

•    We have been working to have the ceremony live-streamed.

•    We will order two floral arrangements for the stage.

•    We will have a flower for each graduate to give to someone.

•    We have multiple class speakers and someone reading a poem.

•    The band and the choir will not perform.


The committee cares about the students and understands the desire to have as normal a ceremony as possible. We want to do what’s best for all seniors under the current situation. We all want everyone to be safe, and how we maintain social distancing is our biggest concern. We believe the pandemic might get worse as the summer progresses, and having a ceremony in June or July we don’t think is a good option at this point.