“To Build Knowledge and Skills for Success Today and Tomorrow”

February 20, 2018 at 9:43 AM

Superintendent Stakeholder Feedback


Meade School District

Sturgis, South Dakota

District Stakeholder Input


Mr. Don Hague is a consultant for McPherson & Jacobson, LLC the search firmed hired by the Meade School Board to assist with the process of hiring a superintendent.  He met with five focus groups on February 7 and 8.  The groups consisted of an administrative team, classified staff, high school students, certified staff and community members.  89 individuals attended the meetings.  An on – line survey was also available to all community members from February 8th to February 14th.


Outlined on the following pages is an Executive Summary of the major themes expressed by the participants at these sessions.  The final section of the report consists of the responses by individuals who completed the on – line survey and responded to the same four questions.


1.  What are the greatest assets of the communities which make up the Meade School District? (This information is used to help us recruit quality candidates.)


Growing community and school district

Central location to various areas

Small hometown feeling

Several schools to choose from

Staff is committed to the students

Many attractions for tourist

Very active cultural activities

Historical Area

Active Community Center

Strong community support for schools and students

Youth Internship Programs

Economically diverse communities but very cohesive

Black Hills Beautiful and recreational opportunities but still close to cities  

Wide variety of services available to individuals and families

Very friendly community

Returning Alumni

Small town but close to big cities no traffic

Patient w/superintendent working towards results instead of quick fixes

The community has a Sense of Family; community comes together to support other community members/student/staff

Fastest growing area in the BH; I90 corridor

Recreational/beautiful area but close to city amenities

Affordable land and homes

Inclusive and welcoming community

Town is looking outside the box, forward thinking

Safe place

Great for young families and retirement couples

Unique district geographically, rural schools to large schools

Access to many venues and different communities within 20 minutes, lots of activities

Access to two universities and technical college

Beautiful weather; four seasons

District supports the rural schools, providing technology and resources for the rural sites

Great community to raise children

Parents are leaders, community supports the schools

New, updated facilities and schools

Communities work well with the district to develop a strategic plan for each community and the schools

School connects the communities & brings them together

Volunteer work in the communities

Tight-knit community, small town feeling but a large school district

Community is very involved with the schools, community support

A lot of events in the community for students and community members


2.  What are the strengths/assets of the Meade School District? (This information is used to help us recruit quality candidates.)


A variety of extracurricular activities such as Junior Scooper available for students

Supportive Staff Committed to Students and Staff

New buildings/Schools which have been well maintained

Good/Supportive School Board

Staff Longevity

Staff are Community Members; Graduates of the district come back and work in the district

Great CTE classes-vey progressive

Dual Enrollment opportunities w/BHSU

Youth Internship Programs

Supportive of Student Teacher Placement

Competitive wages with the resources they have

Strong Staff are dedicated and supportive of all students

Staff embraces change for the student’s success

District pilot programs

Collaboration within the district between the staff

Efforts have been make to keep up with advances in technology

Administrators are forward thinking, open to new ideas and making it happen

Open door policy with administrators

High Moral amongst the staff-welcoming atmosphere for students as well as staff

CTE Program, exploratory programs, one of the best in SD

Support the rural schools

Great volunteers and support staff

Embraces Technology, K-12

Excellent teachers

Manageable class sizes

Staff are genuine, longevity of staff who are committed to student success

Home School Friendly

Teacher Mentoring & grade level planning – staff works as a team

Community feeling within the district

Good administrators & they support staff

Outstanding CTE Programs, dual enrollment, AP classes

Safe schools

Dedicated teachers and good students

Progressive school district

United Administrative team

Professional development, mentor programs, Train the teacher, creates leaders within the staff Educated staff – high percentage with advanced degrees

HS works with other schools and their students, especially the younger students

Teachers are very qualified and caring

Student support other students

Administrators have an open door policy, approachable

The district works with communities

Many opportunities for Student involvement within the communities; volunteerism

New students are accepted, rapidly integrated into the school

Good student mentors and/role model

Good foreign exchange program


3.   What are the most significant district, community or state issues the selected person will face and need to deal with in order to be effective immediately? (This information is share with candidates.)


Growing district

Climate especially snow days

The size of the district – 3100+ square miles

Sharing resources because of the size of the district

Opening a New School

Number of Staff Retiring

Aging facilities at the high school; food service

No theatre at the high school

Enrollment for Stage Barn Middle School

Fluctuating enrollment at the high school; graduation rate

Inequality between schools; Title I

Continued commitment to increase teacher pay

Recognize veteran Teachers and continue to compensate them accordingly

The superintendent should represent the board not dictate to them

Emphasis on mental health, the need for personnel & intervention with increase in enrollment

Mental Health facilities in Sturgis

Cultural sensitivity and education for students

Staffing issues

Commitment to alternative education (k-12) and MS CTE programs

Smaller class size for K-2

More professional development for teachers

Loosing Teacher effectiveness because of Shared Staff between schools

Embrace the rural students & schools which is challenging as well

Resistance to innovative teaching

The size of the district geographically

Opening of new school at Stage Barn

Weather, especially the winter

Busing, transportation issues

Poorer district than surrounding districts; we do more with less resources

Home School students participating in extracurricular activities

Transparency on the bullying issue and parent concerns

Parent information on Standardize testing results

More Enrichment programs for gifted & Talented students

Expand AP/dual credit courses for all 9-12 students

Transportation a challenge because of the district size

Lots of new projects, new schools

District is impacted by the national trends on the rise, such as Family dynamics, drug & alcohol and mental health issues on the rise; having enough support in the schools

Financial responsibilities that the district is already committed to, budget

YLT and/or other school sponsored groups and those students’ future should not be decided by administrators without stakeholder input

Seeking input before making changes in school or student sponsored groups

Homecoming 2017, accurate details

Be more environmentally friendly


4.  What characteristics are most important in the next superintendent of the Meade School District? (This information is used as we screen potential candidates.)




Willing to make a long-term commitment

A Good Communicator in all methods of communication

Decisions are based on school policy or handbook not on circumstances

A Midwest mindset, doesn’t want to come in and change everything

Observer in a classroom but not active

Past classroom teacher w/special education knowledge

#1 goal is what’s best for the students

Value all programs equally

Interested in teaching cultural sensitivity and education in the schools

Support administrative decisions w student expulsions, school policy

Enhance gifted and talented programs

Support teachers and seek input from staff

Open minded

Live in the community

Fairness when dealing w/students, community members

Visible Open to all levels of staff, visible at community activities,

Involved in the Community and organizations

Financially creative

Decisions are based on data

Open to various teaching styles; value all input

Experience in K-12 education

Open door policy and listen to all sides

Grow CTE Programs & alternative instruction

Financial experience

Strong communications with staff and communities

Approachable and visible

Decision maker, listens to all parties but can make a clear decision and stick with it

Political leader and relatable

Experience as a superintendent, past educator and principal

Understands South Dakota; possible from SD

Knowledgeable about current trends in education, innovative and progressive

Network with other superintendents in South Dakota

Long-term commitment

Social media savvy

Focuses on All Programs, academic, arts & extracurricular activities

Continued Collaboration with community members

Represent the district in a positive light

Knowledgeable about social economic groups and able to work with them