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November 26, 2018 at 8:55 AM

Middle School Students Organize Thanksgiving Food Drive

Student Council creates Thanksgiving baskets for families who wouldn’t get a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal. Student Council had a goal in mind of 25 baskets. This year the students at Sturgis Williams and Sturgis Intermediate School exceeded that goal and created 59 baskets! This equaled around 3,500 pounds of food.


Students from the Intermediate School, as well as SWMS collect food as a competition. It turned into an outstanding event that benefits multiple people in our community. Kristi Cammack and Katy Jutting are the Student Council advisors, they couldn’t be prouder of the students. They feel that it is really important to show the students how to help others and be good role models in the community. Their hope is that the students will continue with these efforts in the future. This is a school-wide event: Teachers, advisors, & students collect and promote, while the families are called and pickup is arranged by our counselors. 

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