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May 21, 2019 at 8:06 PM

Wrangler Day at Whitewood Elementary

Wrangler Day at Whitewood Elementary was held on May 15.  The day began with a talent show where students demonstrated speaking, singing, or dancing skills.  Later, visitors were invited into the classrooms to see research project presentations, hear students reading books they had written, view science fair presentations, play games, or watch demonstrations of various forms of robots.


A recognition event was held where the school acknowledged individuals and businesses who supported the school in some way in the past year.  Mrs. Rosenboom, Mrs. Cooper, and Mrs. Kling were acknowledged for their years of service to the school as they venture into retirement. 


After lunch, students and visitors played outdoor activities with Mr. Friedel and also attended a presentation from Black Hills Energy on safety around power lines and transmission boxes.

Whitewood Elementary Retirees 2019.jpg