Health Services
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Julie Dobler, nurse

Lyndee Fogelman, nurse

Natasha Geigle, nurse 
Heidi Komes, nurse


The school nurses are licensed and registered in the state of South Dakota. Preparation and experience enables the nurses to support the educational process by providing health services within the school system.

Responsibilities of the School Nurse

Monitoring Immunizations:
Nurses keep accurate immunization records on all Meade School District students as required by South Dakota law.

Vision Screening:
Nurses will test a student's vision at the request of a parent or teacher and/or according to a scheduled plan. If the cost for an appointment with an eye doctor or for eye glasses isn't affordable, the school nurse will get help from the community.

Audio (hearing) Screening:
Nurses use an audiometer to test the hearing of students. There are many things that may prevent a child from hearing which can be easily corrected if discovered early such as ear wax blockage, fluid in the ears, and infection.

Scoliosis Screening:
In the fall of every year, thenurses check the spines of fifth grade girls and in the spring the nurses check the spines of sixth grade girls for scoliosis (crooked spine).

Health Counseling:
Nurses may help students in the following additional areas:

  • Emotional situations
  • Height and weight monitoring and intervention
  • Crisis
  • Diabetic, asthmatic and arthritic conditions
  • Individualized education plans
  • Temporary disabilities

Dispensing Medications: Nurses may legally dispense and monitor students taking prescribed medications during school hours. 

Additional responsibilities of the School Nurses:

  • Assisting with the Dental Health Program
  • Teaching health education
  • Presenting accident prevention information
  • Collaborating with the community health nurse
  • Monitoring blood pressure
  • Interpreting state and local laws and regulations concerning school health
  • Promoting health in the classroom
  • Collaborating with administration regarding epidemics and health alerts
  • Protecting the health of the students