School Board

The school board meets on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the board room located in the Williams Administrative Building, 1230 Douglas Street, Sturgis. On occasion, the August meeting is moved from the second Monday to accommodate the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

All board meetings are open to the public and all actions authorized or required by law are taken at those meetings. The school board welcomes attendance at meetings by employees, students, parents, and members of the community. To view an informational brochure about the school board meetings, click here 

Patrons who wish to discuss a matter with the board or who want items placed on the agenda are asked to contact the superintendent 10 days prior to the meeting by calling 347-2523.

Board 2018-19.jpg

Meade School Board members for the 2018-19 school year include, from the back left, Charlie Wheeler (Board President), Bob Burns, Curtis Johnson, Tracy Konst, and Cody Weber; front row left, Bryce Richter, Dennis Chowen (Board Vice President), Joseph Urbaniak, and Courtney Mack (Photo credit: Deb Holland, BH Pioneer)

Board Committee Assignments

Robert Burns

12017 Sturgis Road

Black Hawk, S.D. 57718


Term expires 2019

Dennis Chowen (Vice President)

8917 Ridge Trail

Sturgis, S.D. 57785


(605)490-8439 (c)

Term expires 2020

Curtis Johnson

14850 W. Hillsview Drive

Piedmont, SD 57769


Term expires 2019

Tracy Konst

12681 Ruger Road

Whitewood, SD 57793


Term expires 2021

Courtney Mack 

2003 Florence Way

Sturgis, SD 57785


Term expires 2020

Bryce Richter

P.O. Box 403

Sturgis, S.D. 57785


Term expires 2019

Joseph Urbaniak

18824 Fairpoint Road

Union Center, S.D. 57787

(605)985-5368 (h)

Term expires 2020

Cody Weber

PO Box 820
Sturgis, SD 57785
Term expires 2021

Charlie Wheeler (President)

14950 West Hills View Drive

Piedmont, S.D. 57769


Term expires 2021