Athletic Information


Massa Berry Clinic will be offering FREE Athletic Physicals during the months of June, July and August by appointment only. If you would like a FREE Athletic Physical by a nurse practitioner/physician assistant, please call 720-2600.


Athletic physical forms and the pre-participation history forms (with parental signature) must be completed prior to the athletic physical being performed. 


2017-18 Athletic Announcement




NEW Eligibility Requirements
Beginning 2017-18 School Year


Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, all students must have successfully passed 2.5 credits the previous semester to be eligible for extracurricular activities.  This is an increase of .5 credits from previous school year.


All students planning to participate next fall semester in extracurricular activities (fine arts, athletics, etc.), must pass a minimum of 2.5 credits this semester.  Failure to do so will leave you ineligible to participate.


Please work hard, so you are academically eligible to participate in activities for Sturgis Brown High School next year!

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Scooper History

The history of “Scooptown” was derived from the nickname given to Sturgis by the cavalrymen stationed at nearby Fort Meade in the late 1800’s.

Cavalrymen, who claimed they were “scooped” every payday by the merchants of Sturgis began referring to Sturgis as “Scooptown.” Merchants didn’t mind the nickname and claimed that the cavalrymen spent so much money in Sturgis that it could be literally “scooped” from the streets.

The term stuck and “Scoopers” was later adopted by Sturgis High School as its official team name.

The school song is Minnesota Rouser.