2015-2016 School Year  


September 2016: Beginning of the 2016-17 school year

2015-2016 School Year  

January 2016: Budget process begins
October 2015: Student enrollment up
August 2015:  The start of another school year

2014-2015 School Year

December 2014:   First semester almost concluded

October 2014:   Enrollment down by 13 students

August 2014:   School board continues to discuss land sale

July 2014:  School board discusses range of topics at its annual meeting

2013-2014 School Year

March 2014:  Work has begun on repairing SWMS

December 2013:  Board to discuss increased technology accessibility

November 2013:  "Schedule of repairs to SWMS being finalized"

October 2013:  "When is snows, it really snows"

September 2013:  "School board begins long range planning"

August 2013:  "School is set to begin"

2012-2013 School Year

May 2013:   "School election is June 4"

April 2013:   "The School Year is Winding Down"

March 2013:   "Legislative Impact on K-12 Education"

February 2013:   "Math Curriculum Review and Adoption"

January 2013:   "Calling off School Not an Easy Decision"

December 2012:   "Education Funding Proposal"

November 2012:   "Thank a Teacher, Thank a Veteran"

October 2012:   "Hunting Access Closed on School Land"

September 2012:  "Preliminary Enrollment is Up"

August 2012:   "Getting Ready for School"

July 2012:   "2012-13 brings many changes to the district"

2011-2012 School Year

May 2012:   "School Year is Winding Down"

April 2012:   "Spring is a busy time in Our Schools"

March 2012:   "The Legislature and Education"

February 2012:   "February is a busy month"

January 2012:   "Challenges and Opportunities"

December 2011:   "Governor's Educational Funding Proposal"

November 2011:   "All-day Kindergarten"

October 2011:   "Changes in Education"

September 2011:   "Preliminary Student Numbers are Up"

August 2011:  "The First Day of School is Almost Here"