AdvancED Accreditation

In January 2017, Meade School District hosted its site visit for its accreditation process through AdvancED, the largest community of education professionals that conducts rigorous, on-site external reviews of K-12 schools and school systems to ensure that all learners realize their full potential.

The external review team used the set of Standard for Quality as they examined district and building documents (policies, procedures, and plans), interviewed parents, community members, teachers, administrators, and board members, and visited several classrooms.

Teaching and Learning Impact: Student performance results • Instructional quality • Learner and family engagement • Support services for student learning • Curriculum quality and efficacy • College and career readiness data

AdvancED® Findings Powerful Practice:

1. Meade School District has developed and implemented a comprehensive process that drives a powerful staff development program.

2. Career and Technical Education programs provide students with relevant learning experiences that promote success beyond high school and creates unique opportunities for community involvement.

AdvancED® Finding Opportunities for Improvement::

1. Develop and apply a process to ensure curriculum across grade levels and subjects is aligned vertically and horizontally.

2. Research and implement instructional strategies district wide to ensure common instructional language is used and understood by all stakeholders.

3. Increase the capacity for professional and support staff to independently interpret and effectively utilize student achievement data to inform instructional decisions.

Leadership Capacity: Institutional purpose and direction • Governance and leadership effectiveness• Stakeholder engagement • Improvement capacity • Results

AdvancED® Findings Powerful Practice:

1. Throughout Meade School District, there is a strong commitment to equity and support which contributes to a positive culture that is evident at every level from the governing board to the students

2. Meade School District leaders engage stakeholders, utilize shared leadership and foster collaboration to promote student learning and staff success.

AdvancED®  Finding Opportunities for Improvement:

1. Develop and utilize a framework for continuous improvement that includes comprehensive school-level plans that align to the district strategic plan and include student achievement measures and a process for communicating results to stakeholders.

Resource Utilization: Allocation and use of resources • Equity of resource distribution to need • Level and sustainability of resources • Long range capital and resource planning effectiveness

AdvancED® Findings Powerful Practice:

1. Meade School District has a comprehensive process to coordinate, monitor and evaluate learning and support services for all students to meet their academic, physical, social and emotional needs.

2. Meade School District has demonstrated an on-going commitment to providing a comprehensive technology infrastructure that supports the needs of staff and students throughout the district.

AdvancED® Conclusions Index of Education Quality:

1. Impact of teaching and learning on student performance.

2. Capacity of leadership to guide and ensure effectiveness in carrying out strategic direction of institution.

3. Utilization of resources to meet diverse needs of students and institution.

4. Use as a tool for formative analysis and continuous improvement.

5. Connection for the conditions, processes, and practices to evidence including student performance.


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