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School Board Policy EEAB:  School Bus Scheduling & Routing 

All school bus routes will be established by the Board in consultation with the bus contractor and school administrators. Number of families served by the bus and cost factors will be considered. Routes shall be planned and adjusted to the capacities of available equipment.


Parents have the responsibility of getting students to and from the bus stop in the morning and evening. Students should be at the stop not earlier nor later than five (5) minutes before scheduled bus arrival time.


Route Change Requests 

 1. Any and all requests for route changes or reconsideration must be submitted upon special form provided for same to the superintendent's office by April 3 to be included in the agenda of the regular April school board meeting. The school board will receive requests only at the April meeting, or when increase or decrease in student enrollment dictates. All decisions will be made at the August meeting. The Board may make exceptions to this procedure if unforeseen circumstances arise.


2. Consideration shall be given to the total length of route, the physical condition (safety of roads to be used), safety of pick-up points, age of children, number of families and cost factor. Prior commitments and extreme hardship may be considered.


3. Bad weather routes will be designated when routes are established. These may include alternate routes or deletion of unsafe or impassable portions during inclement weather.


4. Dead-ends and jogs shall be avoided if practical alternative routes are available.


5. All routes established and maintained due to negotiated school closings shall be continued unless more practical arrangements can be agreed upon. Such routes will not be extended unless compelling circumstances dictate.



1. Routes and schedules shall be planned to require a minimum amount of riding time for all students.


2. Every effort shall be made to run each bus route on schedule. A bus route must never be run earlier than the scheduled time.


3. All schedules will be supplied by the bus contractor, and no changes are to be made without their approval.


LEGAL REFS.: SDCL 13-29-1 et seq.