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June 03, 2021 at 7:29 PM

SBHS Perfect Attendance 2nd Semester

The following students at SBHS have achieved Perfect Attendance for the Spring 2021 semester. Three of those students (x), achieved perfect attendance for the entire school year. This year was a little bit different from previous years with Covid quarantine playing a huge part in our attendance. The students were not excluded from Perfect Attendance status if they were quarantined for any part of the school year. These students were all rewarded with several coupons for free meals in Sturgis and an award. The yearly (x) Perfect Attendance students will also be given a gift card for making school a priority. Job well done students!

10 Albright, Branden
10 Chipowsky, Gabriel
11 DePew, Chloe
11 Frasier, Haleigh x
10 Graf, Deron
9 Hoegen, Neriah x
10 Kempe, Jazlyn
10 Mendez, Guillermo
12 Ortiz, Elisabeth
9 Prokop, Elliot
11 Remington, Dakota
11 Richter, Ryleigh
10 Schwede, Desirae
11 Ulrich, Ericoma
9 Vasknetz, Kayden
10 Vasknetz, Riley x