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November 19, 2021 at 9:46 PM

School Closures & Inclement Weather

Any closure of district schools, early dismissals or change in bus schedule/routes will be decided by Meade School District superintendent.  When weather conditions are threatening or marginal, the superintendent and bus contractor, Harlow's, are in constant communication and make decisions as a team.


Notification of a late start or cancellation will be submitted to radio and television stations, as well as, disseminated to parents through the parent notification phone service SchoolMessenger.  This information comes from the contact information parents provide the school.  It is important to check this information on a yearly basis and inform school personnel of any changes to household information.


The Meade School District website will be the first place where a closure or late start notification is placed.  Emergency school announcements will be a red banner on the district's homepage.  The district also places this on the district's Facebook page.  If the weather is questionable and you haven't received the automated notification, please check the district website or Facebook for the most current emergency posting.


No amount of technology can take the place of parents who wish to exercise their own judgement at times when travel is questionable.  If parents wish to keep a child home or to have a child dismissed early, it is within their right to do so.  Under those circumstances, the absences would be excused.  The safety of our students always comes first.