December 06, 2016 at 1:48 PM

December 12, 2016 Board Meeting

“To Build Knowledge and Skills for Success Today and Tomorrow”


Monday, December 12, 2016, Williams Administrative Building Board Room

4:15 p.m. Executive Session; 5:30 p.m. - Regular School Board Meeting



 1.  Executive Session SDCL-1-25-2.1, SDCL-1-25-2.2, and SDCL-1-25-2.5

1) Personnel (SDCL-1-25-2.1)

5) Marketing/Negotiations (SDCL-1-25-2.5)


 Pledge of Allegiance


 2.  Consent Agenda

a.  Agenda
b.  Minutes of Regular Meeting, November 14, 2016
c.  Claims for Payment
d.  Adult Volunteers
e.  Surplus Property


 3.  Conflict of Interest Waivers


 4.  Open Forum


 5.  Recognitions


 6.  Program – Architecture Incorporated and Scull Construction


 7.  Action Items         

a.  Financial Reports
b.  Personnel
c.  Camaro Rally Request
d.  Shriners Request
e.  National Guard Proposal
f.   SWMS Trust & Agency Account
g.  City of Sturgis Recreational Trail Request
h.  Special December Board Meeting


 8.  Discussion Items

a.  Rural Attendance Center
b.  Williams Administrative Building Second Floor Remodel
c.  Value Engineering Possible Change Order for Williams Administrative Building
d.  Intermediate School Visits
e.  City of Sturgis Sewer Easement
f.   Bear Butte Valley Water System Inc. Easement
g.  Capital Outlay Committee Meeting
h.  ALICE Training In-Service Date
i.   ASBSD Legislative Review
j.   NSBA’s National Conference


 9.  Reports

a.  Administrators
b.  Board Members
d.  Superintendent


10.  Adjournment



Meeting Audio

Board Minutes