February 08, 2018 at 4:48 PM

February 12, 2018 Board Meeting

“To Build Knowledge and Skills for Success Today and Tomorrow”
AGENDA –February 12, 2018
4:00 p.m. - Executive Session; 5:30 p.m. - Regular School Board Meeting
Board Room, Williams Administrative Building


Pledge of Allegiance


1. Executive Session SDCL-1-25.1, SDCL-1-25.2, SDCL-1-25.3 and SDCL-1-25.4

1. Personnel
2. Student-Related Matters
3. Legal Counsel
4. Employee Negotiations


2. Consent Agenda

a. Agenda
b. Minutes of Regular Meeting, January 8, Special Board Meeting, January 22, and Special Board Meeting, February 8, 2018
c. Claims for Payment
d. Open Enrollment Requests
e. Volunteers


3. Open Forum


4. Conflict of Interest


5. Recognitions


6. Presentation: Preliminary Capital Outlay Budget for 2018-19


7. Action Items

a. Financial Reports
b. Personnel
c. FF&E Bids for Stagebarn Middle School
d. Supplement Capital Outlay
e. Piedmont Valley Elementary Staff Work Day
f. Hire Attorney for Negotiations
g. Offer Administrative Contracts


8. Discussion Items

a. Harlow’s Bus Contract
b. SWMS Engineer Proposal to Replace Boiler
c. Stagebarn Property Garage Easement for NE Corner
d. Stagebarn Middle School Contingency Plans
e. M&B Cleaning Contract
f. Policy ECAC: Video Surveillance Policy
g. Sixth Grade at Whitewood Elementary
h. Food Service for 2018-19 School Year
i. April Stagebarn Middle School Open House
j. ASBSD School Board Recognition Week
k. Legislative Update and Cracker Barrel Sessions
l. Open Enrollment Report

9. Reports

a. Administrators
b. Board Members
d. Superintendent


10. Adjournment


Public Background

Board Audio

Board Minutes