July 10, 2015 at 7:14 AM

July 13, 2015 Board Meeting

2014-15 School Board
Annual School Board Meeting (SDCL 13-8-10)
Monday, July 13, 2015
6:30 p.m. – Board Room, Williams Administrative Building


Pledge of Allegiance


1.  Consent Agenda

a.   Agenda
b.   Minutes of June 9, 2015  (ITEM 1b)
c.   Accrued Claims for Payment FY-2015 (ITEM 1c)
d.   Accrued Salaries FY-2015 (ITEM 1d)
e.   Open Enrollment Requests for 2015-16

2.  Recognitions


3.  Open Forum 

4.  Action Items

a.   Financial Reports (ITEM 4a)
b.   Budget for 2015-16 (ITEM 4b)
c.   Tax Request for 2015-16
d.   Harlow’s Bus Contract (ITEM 4d)

5.  Discussion Item

a.   Bus Route Change Requests (ITEM 5a)
b.   Update Storm Damage Repairs at Piedmont Valley Elementary

6.  Adjournment

7.  Presentation to Shelli Grinager, Chad Legner, and Don Williamson

Annual School Board Meeting (SDCL 13-8-10)
Monday, July 13, 2015
6:30 p.m. – Board Room, Williams Administrative Building

New Board Convenes
1.  Oath of Office for Michael Isaacson, Corey Johnson, and Charlie Wheeler
2.  Election of President and Vice-President
3.  Agenda
4.  Open Forum
5.  Action Items

a.   Claims for Payment 2015-16 (ITEM 5a)
b.   Selection of Black Hills Special Services Coop Representative and Substitute
c.   Organizational Items:

    1. Set regular meeting date, time and place
    2. Designate official newspaper
    3. Designate official depositories
    4. Appoint business manager as custodian of public funds and trust and  agency funds and authorize investment of district funds
    5. Authorize business manager to file claims for state and federal grants
    6. Appoint school district legal counsel (ITEM 5c-6)
    7. Establish board salaries and mileage reimbursement
    8. Adopt board policies
    9. Establish travel allowances and mileage rates
    10. Appoint authorized representative for Food Service Program
    11. Appoint truancy officers for district
    12. Appoint federal compliance coordinators for district
    13. Annual SDHSAA Membership
    14. Annual ASBSD Membership
    15. Authorize participation in voluntary student insurance program
    16. Approve Stipend Schedule for 2015-16 (ITEM 5c-16)

d.   Personnel
e.   Rates and Fees for 2015-16 (ITEM 5e)
f.    Publication of Salaries for 2015-16 (ITEM 5f)
g.   Support Staff & Professional/Technical Handbook (ITEM 5g)
h.   Whitewood Access Agreement (ITEM 5h)
 i.   Meade Emergency Facilities Use (ITEM 5i)


6.  Discussion items

a.   Committee Assignments (ITEM 6a)
b.   ASBSD Joint Convention
c.   Refinance 2007 Bond-Sturgis Elementary
d.   Meade County TIFD #2 (ITEM 6d)

7.  Reports:

a.   Administrators
b.   Board Members
c.   BHSSC
d.   Superintendent

8.  Adjournment


Public Background

July 2015 Audio

July 2015 Minutes