March 08, 2018 at 3:09 PM

March 12, 2018 School Board Meeting

“To Build Knowledge and Skills for Success Today and Tomorrow”
March 12, 2018 - Williams Administrative Building
Executive Session at 4:30 p.m. & Regular Board Meeting at 5:30 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance


1. Executive Session SDCL-1-25-2.1, SDCL-1-25-2.3 and SDCL-1-25-2.4

1) Personnel
3) Legal Counsel
4) Employee Negotiations


2. Consent Agenda

a) Agenda
b) Minutes of Regular Meeting, February 12, 2018 and Special Board Meeting, February 19, 2018
c) Claims for Payment
d) Open Enrollment & Student Assignment Requests


3. Open Forum


4. Conflict of Interest


5. Recognitions


6. Program – Casey Peterson & Associates

7. Action Items

a) Financial Reports
b) Personnel
c) Harlow’s Bus Contract
d) M&B Cleaning Contract
e) Approve Design-Build Process for SWMS Boiler
f) Adopt Design-Build Procedures for SWMS Boiler
g) SBHS West Gym Entrance Remodel
h) Stagebarn Middle School RFP 021R: Sidewalk & Curb Deletion
i) Stagebarn Middle School RFP 023: Electrical Rough In
j) Stagebarn Middle School RFP 025: Cold Storage Building
k) Stagebarn Middle School RFP 026: Bulkhead & Mechanical Chase
l) Stagebarn Middle School RFP 27: Asphalt Track
m) Whitewood Elementary 6th Grade Students
n) 2019-20 Academic Calendar
o) 2018-19 Rural Calendar
p) Polling Location for 2018 Board Elections


8. Discussion Items

a) 6th – 12th Science, CTE and ELA Curriculum
b) Stagebarn Middle School Open House
c) Stagebarn Middle School Custodial RFP 13A
d) Special Board Meeting, March 14, 2018
e) School Board Policy ECAC: Video Surveillance Policy
f) Snow Days & School Calendar
g) ALICE Training & Security
h) Kindergarten/Preschool Screening
i) Legislative Action and Impact on Meade School District
j) Negotiations with MEA
k) Board of Equalization


9. Reports

a) Administrators
b) Board Members
d) Superintendent

10. Adjournment



Board Audio