October 09, 2015 at 7:49 AM

October 12, 2015 Board Meeting Agenda

“To Build Knowledge and Skills for Success Today and Tomorrow”
Regular School Board Meeting, October 12, 2015
5:30 p.m. Board Meeting
Williams Administrative Building, Board Room

Pledge of Allegiance


1. Consent Agenda

a. Agenda
b. Minutes: Regular Meeting, September 14, 2015 and Special Meeting, September 15, 2015
c. Claims for Payment
d. Open Enrollment
e. Student Assignment Request
f. Adult Volunteers
g. Rodeo Club and Sturgis Softball Non-School Athletic Agreements


2. Open Forum


3. Recognitions


4. Program – South Dakota Accountability Update; Presenter: Guyla Ness


5. Action Items

a. Financial Reports
b. Flexible Spending Agreement
c. Personnel
d. Special October Board Meeting
e. Amend Pension Fund Budget

6. Discussion Items

a. Official Fall Enrollment 2015
b. ASBSD Regional Meeting
c. ASBSD Delegate Assembly-Resolutions & Standing Positions
d. ASBSD School Law Seminar
e. November Legislative Round Table
f. Projected Rural Attendance
g. Architecture Incorporated Meeting
h. Annual Audit
i. Insurance Meeting
j. City of Sturgis Proposal for High School Property
k. School Board Policies: JB, JC, JEB, JECB/JECC, and JHCE
l.  Annual Report



7. Reports

a. Administrators
b. Board Members
d. Superintendent


8. Adjournment


Board Background

October Audio

October Minutes