Counselor Information

Counselor Information


Maria Hartung


Stagebarn Middle School

(605) 787-4172; extension 6334 


Mrs. Hartung has a Master of Science in Counseling & Human Resource Development, specializing in School Counseling, from South Dakota State University. Originally from north central South Dakota, Mrs. Hartung, and her family live in Summerset and have called the Black Hills their home for nearly 14 years. In her free time Mrs. Hartung enjoys hiking, snow-shoeing, skiing, reading, cooking, and keeping up with her twin boys.


What do School Counselors do?


School Counselors work with students on an individual, small group and whole-class level to help them face the unique and diverse challenges, both personally and developmentally, that have an impact on academic achievement. School Counselors also attend and participate in academic intervention meetings, organize and administer building testing, consult with parents, teachers, administrators and students, respond to school crises or emergency situations, and provide information and resources to parents for a variety of issues