Counselor Information

Sturgis Williams Middle School

(605) 347-5232

Natalie Serbousek 

Mrs. Serbousek has an undergraduate degree in Education from the University of Oklahoma and a Master’s in School Counseling from the University of Missouri. Mrs. Serbousek (or “Serbo”) moved to Sturgis from Kansas City (GO CHIEFS) in 2015 with her husband, a veterinarian in Sturgis and two dogs. In her free time, Mrs. Serbousek enjoys running, hiking, snow-boarding and doing various Pinterest-inspired DIY projects. 

What do School Counselors do? 

The School Counselors at Sturgis Williams Middle School work with students on an individual, small group and whole-class level to help them face the unique and diverse challenges, both personally and developmentally, that have an impact on academic achievement. Our School Counselors also attend and participate in academic intervention meetings, organize and administer building testing, consult with parents, teachers, administrators and students, respond to school crises or emergency situations, and provide information and resources to parents for a variety of issues. 

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Safe2Say South Dakota is a statewide tip line that allows South Dakota students, school staff, and community members to safely and anonymously report sensitive information that concerns their safety, or the safety of others, including mental health concerns. Safe2Say South Dakota encourages you to come forward as soon as you think there is a threat to you, someone you know, your school, or hometown. When you see something, say something, with an anonymous tip that can bring much-needed help, any time, any day.